Using the library

Welcome to the library! We are open to everyone. We offer you access to a wide collection and to a number of facilities and services, including a knowledgeable staff. Borrow material, study, use computers, or attend an event! Or just take the time to enjoy a reading break.


The library card is your key to all library services. The card allows you to borrow books, films, CDs and other material. It also allows you to download e-books and to read e-periodicals. The card is personal and intended only for your own private use.

When you have a library card, you may also borrow material with your driving licence or some other official identity card (for example, a KELA/FPA card). You can also register a parallel card to your library card (for example, a library card from another library).

You can apply for a library card at any of our libraries with a valid photo ID (for example, a passport or a driving licence). 

A parent or a guardian must apply for a library card intended for a child under 15 years old.

The first card is free of charge. If you wish to replace a lost or damaged card, a small fee will be charged (Charges and fees). 

Institutions or establishments (for example, day care centres), associations or companies can also apply for a library card with a written permission by a guarantor or a person in charge.

If you lose your library card, contact the library as soon as possible: tel. 06-325 3533 or You are responsible for any material borrowed with the card until you have notified the library. 


All libraries have self-checkout machines, and the library staff will gladly show you how they are used. To use a self-checkout station, you need your library card and the PIN code.

You may borrow material at the information desk on the first floor at the main library, and at the customer service desks at the branch libraries.

You may borrow material with your library card, driving licence, photo ID, or with a library card from another library (a parallel card).

When you borrow items you get a due date slip that lists all the items and their due dates. The loan period ends on the due date at closing time.

Library loans should be renewed or cancelled before the due date. A late fee is charged for overdue items.

You can renew your loans by visiting the library, by calling 06-325 3533, or by logging in through My Pages on the library website.

Check loan periods here.

PIN code

A PIN code is a four-digit password linked to your library card. You need the PIN code to borrow material through a self-checkout machine, and to log in to the library’s website to renew your loans or reserve material.

You also need the PIN code to use our other electronic services.

You may request and receive your first PIN code from library staff by visiting the library or the bookmobile. 

You can change your PIN code on the library website. You can also request a new PIN on the library website, if you forgot your code. The library will send a new PIN to you within 5 minutes. Please notice: if you request a new PIN at night, you will get the code in the morning. Please remember to keep your contact details and email address updated.

Request a new PIN code

Library deletes inactive customer accounts

In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect in 2018, the library will delete inactive customer accounts from the library system every year in January.

An inactive customer account is defined as a library card that has not been used to borrow physical items from the library in five years. An account will also be considered inactive if the card has only been used to borrow e-materials.

To become a library customer again, activate your card at your local library.


You can renew your loans up to 5 times, if the material is not reserved:

  • at our website, then My Pages
  • by phone: 06-325 3533 or
  • with a visit to the library

Short loans cannot be renewed.

Your loans cannot be renewed if you have late fees that total 10 euros or more.

You will not be able to renew your loans through the library’s website, if you have received an overdue notice. Contact the library at tel. 06-325 3533 to avoid further increasing your late fees.


You can reserve items that are available on the shelf and items checked out to another customer. Short loans cannot be reserved.

Reservations are free of charge, but a fee will be charged (Charges and fees) if you do not cancel your reservation by the due date or if you do not collect it before the last possible pick-up day. Charges do not apply to material for children and youth.

You can cancel your reservation either at the library website by logging in through My Pages, by calling 06-325 3533, or by visiting the library.

Read more about how to reserve material here. (Link!)

Pickup notice

The library will send you a notice when you can pick up the item you have reserved. You can choose to be notified by e-mail, text message or letter.

To choose your preferred method of notification or to update your contact information, log in on the library website under My Pages. The library staff can also update your information when you visit the library. 


Borrowed material can be returned to all Vaasa city library units. All libraries except Huudi also have a book drop where you can return your loans after closing time. Items returned in a book drop will be processed the following opening day.

At the main library, you can return your loans via the self-checkout machine on the first floor.

A late fee is charged for items returned or renewed after the due date, for possible overdue notices and for collection measures. (Charges and fees)

A late fee is also charged if the online renewal of a loan fails due to maintenance work or technical malfunctions.

Late fees are automatically entered on the customer's account. The fees can be paid when returning the overdue item, or anytime within one year. There is no interest on unpaid fees. There is no late fee for the material for children and youth.

Due date reminders

Sign up for emails to alert you that your loans will soon be due to return. Register for the due date reminder service at your local library.

The email due date reminder is an additional courtesy service. Even if you have signed up for the service, it is still your responsibility to check the due dates of all your loans and return them by the date specified on the due date slip. You can also check the due dates by logging onto your library account, or by calling the library.

Please notify the library immediately if your email address changes. If the reminders go to the spam folder, change your email spam filter settings.


The library will send an overdue notice to the borrower 10 days after the due date. If the overdue item is reserved, the overdue notice is sent immediately after the due date. Overdue notices are sent by e-mail, text message or letter, according to the borrower’s preference. If the overdue item has not been returned 42 days after the due date, the library will send the borrower a bill by post.

Read more about late fees and overdue notices here. 


If you have fines that total 10 euros or more, your library account will be blocked. When your account is blocked, you will not be able to renew loans, reserve items, or to log in to the library’s website.

You may exceed the fines limit while renewing loans, in which case your account will be blocked from further renewing, and the session will be ended. To remove a block from your account due to exceeding your fines limit, pay your fines by visiting the library.


If you are a registered cardholder, you can use Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries even outside of regular opening hours. Use you library card and your PIN code to access these libraries during extended hours.

During extended hours, there is no staff present in the library, but the premises are under video surveillance. You can borrow and return material, use computers, read newspapers and magazines, or work and have meetings. Both libraries have wireless network access.

Visit the websites of Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries for further information about their regular opening hours and extended hours.

Children under 15 years need the consent of a parent or a guardian to access the libraries during extended hours.


When you apply for a library card, or when you accept the responsibility for another cardholder, you agree to follow the library rules and regulations and any changes to them.

You can find the library rules and regulations here


Home delivery is available for Vaasa residents who are homebound due to age, illness or disability. The entire collection of the Vaasa library is available to the customer, and the service is free of charge.

As a customer you will receive a monthly delivery (excepting July) of library materials of your choice.

Following the first contact, the home library service staff interviews the potential customers to verify their eligibility and to create a customer profile.

For more information, contact Eija Aromaa, tel. 0405653544 or 06-325 3543, eija.aromaa(at)