Library services for immigrants

Library is a place where everyone is welcome.
In the library, you can spend time and meet friends.
You can also read and borrow books.
It does not cost anything to use the library.
The library also has:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • films on DVD
  • music CDs
  • audiobooks: books recorded on CDs or mp3 CDs
  • e-books: books you can read on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • video games for game consoles
    (for example PlayStation)
  • board games
  • exercise equipment and outdoor game sets
    (for example kettlebells and pétanque sets)

Library card

You need a library card, if you want to borrow books.
The first library card does not cost anything.
When you apply for a library card,
you must have a valid ID with a photograph,
for example a passport or
an ID card issued by the reception centre.
The library card is personal;
do not let anyone else use it.
If you lose your card,
please contact the library as soon as possible.

Loan periods

The loan period is usually four weeks.
Some materials may have a shorter loan period,
for example, the loan period for films is two weeks.

If you return the material too late,
you must pay late fees.
If you need the material even after the due date,
you can ask the library to renew the loan.
You can also renew your loans yourself
when you log in to the library’s website.
To login, you need to know your library card number and PIN.

For more information about library services,
read the plain English introduction

Teacher, bring your group to the library!

The library will not accept any groups for the time being. Please contact us again in januari 2021.

You can book a guided tour of the library for your group.
Choose a tour of the whole library
or a specific section.
If you are unsure what kind of tour would be best for your group,
we will be happy to advise you.

If you want to bring your group to the library,
please contact us at least two weeks in advance.
or call 040 183 7027.

If you want a guided tour of a branch library,
contact the branch library directly.
You can find the contact information for the branch libraries,
when you click Libraries in the navigation bar
on the library’s website.

    Library introduction video:

    The introduction video shows you how to use the library, for example:

    • how to get a library card
    • what kind of material you can find in the library
    • how to borrow and return

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    کوردی – Kurdish: 

    Simple Finnish: 




    Welcome Office

    Welcome Office is an information office for immigrants.

    Welcome Office helps you find information about immigration, Finnish society, recruitment and government services.

    Welcome Office is located by the Public information centre on the first floor at the main library. 

    Infopankki - Finland in your language

    Information about the library and about living in Finland is available in different languages.


    Borrow books in your own language from the Multilingual Library.

    Video: Multilingual Library - library services in foreign languages