Library service units in Vaasa

The Vaasa city library consists of a number of library units within Vaasa, all offering a variety services to you.

The main library near the city centre is a great place to drop in. The library has a café and many events and exhibitions throughout the year for all ages.

The branch libraries are located across the city region.

Access the extended hours libraries outside of regular opening times.

If you are a registered cardholder, you can access Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries even outside of regular opening hours. Use you library card and PIN code to access the library during extended hours. You can borrow and return material, use computers, read periodicals, or work and have meetings. The libraries have free wireless internet access. During extended hours, there are no staff members at the libraries, but the premises are under video surveillance.

Visit the websites of Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries for more information about their regular and extended hours.

Meeting Point Huudi in Huutoniemi offers library services together with youth services.

Bookmobile Rölli has over 80 stops throughout Vaasa and brings the library and its services to you.

Hospital libraries serve hospital patients, and the elderly and disabled in long-time care facilities.

Home library service is available for customers homebound due to age, illness or disability.


Postal address:

Vaasa City Library

Box 235

65101 Vaasa

To contact the library staff, use the e-mail format firstname.lastname(at)

Culture and library director Marita Ahola, tel. 06-325 3520

Culture services manager Sanna Bondas, tel. 040-139 4048, culture and community services

Services manager Marja Mikola, tel. 06-325 3521, regional and internal services

Services manager Anna Pakka, tel. 06-325 3528, local services


Acquisitions and collections,

Interlibrary loans for customers and libraries, tel. 06-325 3540,

Library administration, tel. 06-325 3526,

Main library info, tel. 06-325 3533,


Facilities managers, tel. 06-325 3570,