Interlibrary loans

If you need an item that is not available at the Vaasa city library or the Tritonia academic library, you can request the item through the interlibrary loan service. You can request items from other libraries in Finland and from libraries in other countries. The service is subject to a fee determined by the lending library.

Placing an interlibrary loan request

Place your interlibrary loan request online, or fill in a paper form available at our libraries.

Fill in an interlibrary loan application here:

Interlibrary loan

    Who may request an interlibrary loan?

    All library customers with a Vaasa library card and borrowing privileges can request interlibrary loans.

    What may be borrowed through an interlibrary loan?

    You can request items that cannot be found in the Vaasa city library or the Tritonia academic library. You cannot request items available in the Vaasa city library or Tritonia but is checked out to another customer.

    How do I place an interlibrary loan request?

    You may place a request for an interlibrary loan online or by filling in a paper form available at our libraries.


    How much does it cost to take out an interlibrary loan?

    2 euros are charged for an arrival notice, if the interlibrary loan is from a regional library in Finland. The fees for interlibrary loans from university libraries, university of applied sciences libraries, specialist libraries, some city libraries and archives are 9–15 euros per loan. There is a charge for ordering copies and the fees may vary with each different library. The library customer is responsible for any charges or fees determined by the lending library.


    Loan period

    The loan period of an interlibrary loan is set by the lending library. The lending library also establishes the conditions under which borrowed material may be used. Some items may be restricted for use in library reading rooms only.

    Renewing interlibrary loans

    Your interlibrary loans are listed together with your other current loans in our online library service. Select the interlibrary loan you wish to renew and click Renew your loans. The library personnel will contact the library lending you the material. If it is possible to renew your loan(s), the new due date will be entered into our library system, and you may view it when you log into our website under My pages. If it is not possible to renew your loan(s), we will contact you. You may also renew an interlibrary loan by phone, tel. 06-325 3540.





    Interlibrary lending service for libraries

    We also provide interlibrary loans to other libraries. Libraries wishing to request items not available in their own collections can visit our website or send e-mail to