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Subject headings are standardized words or phrases used by librarians to describe the main topic of an item. Use subject search if you are searching for material on a specific topic. The Vaasa city library only uses Finnish and Swedish subject headings. Find the correct forms of the subject headings here: 

YSA – General Finnish thesaurus

ALLÄRS – General thesaurus in Swedish

MUSA/CILLA – Finnish music thesaurus

KAUNO – Ontology for fiction


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Libraries use classification systems to organize books and other material on the shelves. The Vaasa city library uses the Finnish public libraries classification system. 

PLC - Finnish public libraries classification system


Find material at the main library

The main library collections have two main sections: the children's and young adult's collections located on the first floor, and the adult collections on the second floor. 

The adult collections of books, periodicals and films are arranged in subject sections:

  • Countries and cultures
  • Literature and languages
  • Natural sciences and technology
  • Society and economy
  • Music and arts
  • Vasaensis

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Read more about the collections and subject sections

  1. Collections

    The Vaasa city library has books, music, films, audiobooks, magazines, video games, e-books, and online newspapers and magazines.

  2. Subject sections

    The material in the main library is arranged by subject. The subject sections have books, magazines and DVDs.

The library's special collections