Instructions for e-resources

Books and audiobooks

The Vaasa city library has two services for e-books and audiobooks, Ellibs and Biblio. Services have both fiction and non-fiction material. You don't have to log in to browse the collection, but you will need a library card and a PIN to borrow books.

The easiest way to read e-books or listen to audiobooks is to use them in a browser. You will need a continuous network connection.

You can also borrow, reserve, read and listen with apps. Download the free apps from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Both apps are named after the service. When you open the Ellibs app, choose Vaasa and Fredrika, and enter your library card number and PIN.

Using the Ellibs-service

  • You can choose a loan period of either 7 or 28 days, but you may return the book before the end of the loan period if you wish.
  • An Ellibs e-book can only be borrowed by one person at a time.
  • If a book is on loan to another customer, you can reserve it free of charge. You will be notified by e-mail when the book is available for reading.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 5 books and 7 reservations at one time.
  • Ellibs’s language courses work on computers and tablets. You will find them by selecting Online resource from the Format drop-down menu. You can choose a loan period of either 7 or 28 days Each course has only one user license. If the course is not immediately available, you can reserve it.
  • You will find further information about Ellibs here

Using the Biblio-service

  • Go to
  • Log in with your Vaasa city library card number and PIN-code.
  • If you have logged in to Biblio before 1.10.2020, you will need to log in again to be able to borrow e-books and e-audio books. Log out of the app, and when you log in again, select ”Vaasan kaupunginkirjasto – Vasa stadsbibliotek” from the drop-down menu, if you have a Vasa city library card.
  • Borrow up to 8 e-books or e-audio books per month.
  • The loan period is 28 days.
  • Listen to e-audiobooks in a browser (requires an internet connection).
  • Read e-books in a browser (requires an internet connection), or download them to your computer and read offline using an ebook reader.
  • Read e-books and listen to e-audiobooks in the Biblio library mobile application. Go to AppStore or Google Play and download and install the application on your phone or tablet. Biblio library is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Most e-books and e-audiobooks can be read by multiple users at the same time. Biblio also has books that can only be borrowed by one person at a time. If a book is on loan to another user, you can reserve it.
  • Your loans will be automatically returned at the end of the loan period, but you can return them before the due date if you want.

For more information go to the Biblio website.

Using the Celia-service

  • Celia-service has audiobooks for print-disabled readers: persons unable to read standard print due to a physical or cognitive impairment.
  • If you have a print-disability and need accessible media, you can contact the library to register for Celia’s services.
  • You will find further information about Celia here.


The on-demand film streaming service Viddla is now available at Vaasa City Library. Viddla has over 350 films ranging from classics to new releases and from documentaries to children’s films. You can use Viddla with your library card and your PIN code.

Stream films with Viddla:

  • Go to
  • Browse the selection on the Viddla home page, or go to Films to search, filter and sort titles.
  • Click on the film’s title or cover to read more about the film.
  • To borrow a film, click on "Play movie".
  • Select Vaasan kirjasto in the drop down menu.
  • Enter your library card number and your PIN code.
  • Click on "Play movie".
  • Your age will be verified through the library system when you borrow a film.
  • You must be connected to the Internet during the entire film viewing.
  • You have 48 hours to watch the film before the loan period ends.
  • You can pause, fast-forward and rewind the film, and watch it as many times as you like during the loan period.
  • You can also switch to another platform and continue watching the film on another device.
  • The film will automatically return itself after the loan period has ended.
  • You can watch a maximum of 3 films per month.

Viddla is available for private use within Finland. You can watch Viddla films on PC, Mac OSX-devices and Android-devices (version 6.0 or later). Viddla supports all common browsers, but we recommend Chrome. Chromecast is supported in Chrome browser on all platforms, but Smart-TV is not supported.


Read newspapers and magazines online through PressReader and ePress. Both services allow only a limited number of simultaneous users.

Using the ePress-service

  • Access ePress on a library computer or on your mobile device by connecting to the library WiFi.

Using the PressReader-service




Both services allow only a limited number of simultaneous users: Music Library 5 users and Jazz Library 2 users. If the maximum number is reached, you will not be able to access Naxos. 

Naxos Music Library and Naxos Music Library Jazz

  • Enter the number of your library card without spaces and click on login.
  • Follow the instructions on the Naxos website. 
  • Please remember to log out when you are done to give access to other users.